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Birth of a Brand

August 16, 2018

With 3 small children across our two families, you might have thought that giving birth would be a relatively familiar process to our little team.

But, a bit like all of our babies, who arrived when they wanted to, rather than when we would have ideally liked, the Cork Bag Company came into being quite suddenly, when we saw an opportunity to bring one of Portugal's best secrets to a wider market. 

And, a bit like our babies, we think our products are amazing: but each of us thinks so for a different reason. 

V, the financial brains, and also the mother in our team, loves the fact that cork is naturally resistant to wear, tear and spillages. Our samples are currently being tested on the beach, on long country walks, and in the general rough and tumble of daily life in Devon. She's impressed so far that they continue to look gorgeous!

Whilst design is Tom's specialism, as a vegetarian, it was important to him (and the rest of us) that we developed a plant rather than animal based product. He's delighted to hear that we can indeed grow bags on trees rather than cows or crocodiles, and is aiming for a classic design aesthetic to keep our pieces wearable for years to come.

As for Rob, our media guru, sustainability is his bag. Cork is protected in Portugal by law, and cork oak trees can live over 200 years. Harvesting is strictly governed by rotation (every nine years) to protect this fantastic natural resource.  Under a reforestation program, Portugal's cork forests are now growing by four percent a year on average. We are looking into how we might be be able to contribute to replanting as a company to keep sustainability at the top of everyone's agenda.

Find out more about the company here.

Love from Rob, V, & Tom (who love cork) x

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